Find your target audience

by nah1108

Have you ever been watching a children’s TV show, and suddenly a commercial comes on for something?  Maybe the commercial is for pillows that light up or shoes with wheels in them, or maybe there is a cartoon tiger extolling the virtues of a balanced breakfast.  Whatever the case, I’m betting you didn’t find the commercial that entertaining.  You may have even thought to yourself “man, if advertising executives are getting paid for making this crap, i could probably make a fortune”.  Well, the odds are good that it wasn’t actually a bad commercial.  So why did you hate it?  Because it wasn’t made for you. The commercial was made to appeal to the interests of kids, because they are the ones that are going to be begging their parents to buy it for them.  Even though you hated it, your kids didn’t, and that’s what matters.  This goes for any product, commercial, idea, song, movie, etc.  They are made with a certain audience in mind.  You might be that audience, and you might not, but as long as the product appeals to it’s demographic, it is succeeding, and here’s the kicker.

You are a product.

And just like any other product, your ideas, your personality, your style, looks, mannerisms, and idiosyncrasies are all made to appeal to a certain demographic.  There is a specific audience out there that you appeal to.  More importantly, you must accept the fact that yourself and your ideas will not appeal to everyone. There are going to be plenty of people out there that simply do not like you.  They will never like you.  If you were stuck in an elevator with them, they would be upset.  This is devastating to most people, and they react to it by trying to act in a way that will not upset or annoy anybody, ever.  Some people are very good at this, and let me be the first to tell you that you might succeed, and nobody will ever hate you again.  Oh, but I should also mention that nobody will ever particularly like you again, either.  In fact, you’ll just kind of fade to the background.  You’ll be easy to forget.  Nobody will bother you because you won’t be in anybody’s way.  Is that the life you want?

Ever hear of Rush Limbaugh?  I’m betting you have.  I’m betting you either love him, or you absolutely hate him.  There isn’t really a middle ground for people that know extensively of who Rush Limbaugh is.  Rush Limbaugh is a great example of somebody who has found his target demographic.  He has ideas, and opinions, and thoughts of his own, and he isn’t afraid to share them with whoever will listen, and a lot of people hate him for it.  And guess what?  A lot of people love him for it too.  So how can you find your target demographic? Start small.  Develop a personality, and let others know what it is.  Next time you have an opinion of something, say it out loud.  You didn’t like that movie?  Tell everybody why.  You love Yorkshire Terriers?  Why is that?  Blog about it.  Talk about it.  Start a group dedicated to it.  Over time, you’ll notice that certain people will start to avoid you.  Let them go, you weren’t made for them.  You’ll also notice certain people gravitate to you.  Congratulations, you’ve found your demographic.